Electrical Installations, repairs and power backup

Electrical Installations and repairs

Are you in need of electrical contractors based in Johannesburg? Whether you are doing new construction, remodelling or upgrading, we will work closely with you to provide solutions to your electrical and lighting needs.


 We offers skilled and accredited electricians who specialise in:


  • Electrical Compliance Testing and Certification.
  • Maintenance & construction
  • Wiring & rewiring
  • Generators & invertors
  • Security lighting
  • Fault finding & repairs
  • Lightning repairs
  • Power failures
  • Earth leakages
  • Pool motors
  • Burst geysers
  • Stoves
  • Faulty plugs
  • Faulty lights
  • Wiring & low voltage lights
  • Security & flood lights
  • Swimming pool, borehole and sump pumps repairs




ElectricalThis is a compact inverter designed to power your home appliances or precious electronics.

Its compact size features easy installation and high movability. Besides, its high surge capability also can handle motor-type loads such as vacuums, small freezers, or drills.

Compared with traditional inverters in the market, this inverter provides two operation modes: UPS mode and Inverter mode. At UPS mode, the inverter becomes an UPS which can provide pure power source to PC-related equipment or sensitive devices. At Inverter mode, the inverter can provide continuous power to general home appliances.


• Simulated sine wave inverter

• Sensitivity selector (UPS mode & inverter mode)

• Multiple display options: horizontal, vertical, and wall mount

• 12VDC or 24VDC available

• 10A / 20A standard charging current

• Auto restart while AC is recovering

• Overload and short circuit protection

• Adjustable battery charging voltage

• Generators & Computer-related devices compatible

• Three indicators available

• Cold start function


CAPACITY1200 VA / 720W

Voltage: 220/230/240 VAC

Acceptable Voltage Range: 162-290 VAC

Frequency Range: 50 Hz

Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode): ±10%

Frequency Range (Batt. Mode): 50 Hz ± 1 Hz

Transfer Time (Typical): 10 ms

Waveform (Batt. Mode): Simulated Sine

Wave Peak Efficiency (AC Mode): > 95% @ Rated R load and battery full charged Battery Voltage: 12 VDC

Floating Charge Voltage: 13.4 VDC ± 2% Low Battery Alarm Voltage: 10.5 VDC ± 2% Shutdown Voltage: 10.0 VDC ± 2%

Maximum Charge Current: 10 A or 20 A Full Protection: Overload and short circuit protection

Display: Three LEDs – Indicating line mode, battery mode, charging mode, low battery, overcharge, overload, and fault

Dimension DxWxH (mm): 293 x 231.5 x 82.5 Net Weight (kgs): 2.35

Humidity: 0 to 90%

Relative Humidity (Non-condensing) Operating

Temperature: 0° C to 40° C

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