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Microsound grew up with most of us. There’s hardly a School Teacher, a Secretary or Principal that hasn’t at some time or other addressed his students through a Microsound School Intercom System. Created in 1986 and has been producing good quality Products.

Known over the years for supplying reliable and locally manufactured intercom. Nurse-call, public address and access control products, Microsound now gears itself to face the new Millennium.

Master Stations

School Intercom installation

SLSI plastic master complete with 3 digit display and sockets

Microsound intercom system

SLSI plastic master complete with 3 digit display, sockets and goose-neck microphone.


Master Controllers/ Microsound intercom upgrades / School Intercom Repairs

School Intercom repairs

Microsound intercom; SLSI 80 Series School Intercom

SLSI cabinet with 12 slots, power supply unit, CPU/audio card and master sub card configured for 4 master stations, slave amp and 8 call-back substations. Expandable to a maximum of 184 call-back substations by adding sub-cards.


  • Fully electronic exchange with microprocessor control
  • Compact and has relay switching for reliable audio control.
  • Four basic sections: Central processing unit (CPU), Master Sub card, Sub card and Power supply (PSU).
  • CPU consists mainly of the microprocessor, memory, audio amplifier, tone generator and control functions.
  • The 30w-rms amplifier can drive up to 120 standard sub stations before a booster amplifier is needed.
  • The power supply module has outputs of 10V, 24V and 42V.
  • The SLSI-80 operates on 220/250V AC.
  • Designed for wall mounting for space conservation
  • Master to master dialing and Master to subs, Master to handset and Master to P.A. calls.
  • Eight group calls
  • All call
  • Auto cancel (5 minutes adjustable)
  • Auto answer or non auto answer call backs.
  • Two change of period tones, General tone and Evacuation tone


school intercom system

8 Ohm Speaker Box without callback

School Intercom System

Plastic substation with latching callback and Overdoor Light

School intercom system

RSAXCX180140 Robust substation with call back”

School Intercom

RSCXXX081000 Round plastic ceiling substation

School intercom Systems

Horn speaker 15 watt with built in 100v line transformer

School intercom System

10W ABS Sound Projector

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