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intruder alarms

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Reliable intruder alarm system is fundamental to security. You want a system detects any unauthorized intrusion but isn’t prone to false alarms and unnecessary call-outs.

AVS Security provides a range of intruder alarms for commercial and industrial premises. With proven Wired and Wireless technology, you can rest assured that your building is protected around the clock.

Each alarm system is customized to the site with an array of sensors and reed switches that show when any doors or windows have been forced. Keypad, remote control and smart phone applications will make your system easy to manage and monitor by key holders.

Keypads for Intruder alarms

Led Keypads

They display violated zone by illuminating an light on corresponding zone number

intruder detector

Led intruder alarm keypad

intruder alarm Keypad

DSC intruder alarm Led Keypad

intruder detector

LCD Keypads

These keypads tell the user what is the status of the alarm and zone by writing in words. This makes it easier to to use than the led keypads. These keypads can handle bigger alarm systems with multi partitions.

intruder detector intruder detector intruder detector

Graphical touch screen keypads

This optional feature displays the arming status of all partitions and zones. Also, with Solo Test mode, you can easily test all system zones right from the TM50’s screen. Allows the user to customize and edit zones, areas, users, and PGM labels.

intruder detectorintruder detectorintruder detector

Door sensor switches

Magnetic door contacts

Drill in Contacts

intruder detectorThese are design for smart fitting and where contacts are vulnerable to vandalism by people. Can  be used in School hostels etc.






Standard door contacts

intruder detector intruder detectorIdeal for a standard wired installation especial in private houses and offices. They come in two colors, brown or white to match the color of the door.




Wider gape contacts

These are designed for steel security door and garage doors. The powerful magnets makes them suitable for doors with a wider gape between the door and the frame

intruder detector intruder detector intruder detector

Wireless door Contacts

These are fitted where wires are not a good option. They transmit signals to the main panel through radio frequency signal. They come with a monitored long life battery.

intruder detectorintruder detectorintruder detector

Passive Infra-red motion detectors

These sensors help to secure properties by ping objects in motion and send a signal to the control panel to trigger an alarm.

1. Indoor PIR

These are sensors which are designed for indoor use only since they are not weather proof. Some of them are pet friendly. They are either wireless or wired.

intruder detectorintruder detectorintruder detector

2. Outdoor Pir

a) 90° and 180° Out door Motion detectors

These are weather proof outdoor pet-immune motion sensors designed to give an early warning before an intruder get to your door steps. They cover  between 12m and 24m . They come as wired or wireless.


intruder Vx infinity intruder Intruder vx40Intruder Passive

b) Boundary Guard

Outdoor PIR Protection that covers a building’s perimeter: the BX-80N’s long, narrow detection area comes … Passive Infrared.

intruder detection intruder alarm intruder beams

C) Perimeter beams

For protection of the boarders of the property such as walls, gates, fences,


intruder alarmintruder alarmintruder beams

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