Security fence installation and repairs

Security Fence installation and repairs

Security Fence Installation
Security Fence Installation

Security fence installation and repair of de fence anti-cut and anti-climb welded mesh. We are the experts in security fence installaton and repairs. Our palisade fence and chain link dimond fence are made from good quality steel. Think of us when you think of garanteed work. Being palisade fencing, chain link diamond mesh fence, Clear fence, razor wire and welded mesh fence

Palisade Fencing

Our Palisade fencing can be made of cold rold steel or mild steel angle iron. Good security fence for schools, Office parks, industrial sites,
government buildings, commercial perimeters, sports facilities,
recreation facilities, residential complexes ,utilities infrastructure etc. We install different hieghts.

Weld Mesh Fencing

For optimum perimeter demarcation 100 x 50

A strong barrier for the client who needs security and aesthetic, see through appeal. This wire mesh fence is a medium security product as a perimeter barrier.

Tough 4.5mm welded mesh panel, powder coated and hot dipped galvanised. 2050mm high panels are standard and are bolted to robust posts making this a quick and economical fence

Anti-Climb Fence

Anti-climb fence
Anti-climb fence

For maximum visibility and protection. This product lives up to its name. 
Gives maximum see-through and is a strong perimeter barrier which is
difficult to cut or climb.

Tough welded mesh panel. Narrow apertures make it difficult to climb or cut. 2200mm high panels are standard and are 100% secured by a locking flange holding all vertical and horizontal wire rods in place

Chain Link Diamond Fence

Diamond shaped wire mesh which is an economical hard wearing solution for general fencing. The tradational and economical way of fencing. The Fence is made out high tention galvenized wire.

Razor Wire

Razor sharp flat panel formation sheets used as an effective security fencing barrier. Razor sharp diamond mesh erected as a complete security fence.

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