Biometric Access control Systems and Time & attendance

Biometric Access control systems and Time & attendance

AVS  biometric Access Control systems and Time & attendance uses the selective restriction to a place or other resources. We use different methods of access control such as keypads and biometric.

Our Biometric fingerprint modules are designed to provide Biometric security solution to developers and manufacturers for integration with various application as access control, time attendance, mobile device, kiosks, safes and so on. The integration of components such as cylinders, locks, readers, keys, badges and door furniture can ensure a comprehensive flexible access control system

ZKteco Access Control Systems

biometric access control systems

ZKteko readers

Zkteco sytsem are ideal for indoor and outdoor security access control system. With its free and easy to manage software that can give records of who got in at what time. The soft enables the user to restrict doors and also setting anti-passback function. With this system we can provide biometric and card system

Paxton Access Control System

Paxton access control – Net2 Entry is a door entry system that works standalone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control, combining door entry with key features of Net2. Net2 Entry consists of 3 components that auto-detect on set up; external panel, interior monitor and door control unit.

Virdi Access Control System

ViRDI access control system has a range of biometric terminals include Face Recognition, Fingerprint and both. Biometrics can be used for Access Control, Time & Attendance and both.

Impro Access Control System

Impro access control readers for Residential estates, Educational instates, Enterprises and small/ Medium business. They give very reliable card systems

Sagem/ Marpho Access Control

Time & attendance

Time and attandance Systems

Whatever the requirements – conventional or breakthrough biometric technologies, use of biometric recognition alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or IP-networked installations, indoor or outdoor use – Morpho access control proposes the most reliable biometric solutions to protect access to a variety of premises, including:

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