Automatic Bollards and fixed bollards

Automatic bollards, Semi automatic and fixed Bollards

We specialise in installations and repairs of automatic bollards, Semi aotomatic bollards and fixed bollards

Automatic Bollards


MJ200 Bollards

FAAC J200 Retractable bollards for access control

The traffic bollards FAAC Automatic J200HA is especially suitable for the regulation of traffic in residential areas, providing intelligent control, while minimizing the aesthetic impact. The system can be activated using commands executed by authorized personnel or automatic commands at a predetermined time.

• Product design streamlined, configurable by selecting the desired installation accessories
• Ease of transport, storage and installation, thanks to the weight and content of the product
• Simplified maintenance (can be performed by one person)

FAAC J275 Bollards

An automatic bollard for intensive use easily installed and maintained offering excellent lifetime cost-efficiency.

The drive unit is mounted within the cylinder; even the basic bollard comes with 12 built-in flashing LEDs, buzzer, emergency release and mechanical release.

Foundation boxes are unique in that they are sectional, with a standard descent time of 3.5 seconds, and a

rapid setting allowing a decent time of just 1.2 seconds. The bollard also boasts a gentle stop function to grant soft

stop on limit switches. There is the ability to replace existing FAAC City bollards by installing the J Series bollard in the existing pit. The bollard can withstand traffic coming from all directions.

The bollard has two fast connectors for low- and high-voltage for rapid connection/disconnection. In addition, limit switches for both the raised and lowered positions mean that the status of the bollard is known at any time. The FAAC J275 Fixed traffic bollard does not require either invasive laying operations or electric wiring.

It is therefore suitable for permanent installations in order to define pedestrian areas, or for mixed installations together with other automatic or semi-automatic bollards.


Fixed Bollards

J355HA-M50 is the new FAAC crash rated bollard conceived for perimeter protection applications. It has been specifically
designed for the protection of sensitive areas.

The J355 M50 bollard has been tested in accordance with PAS 68:2013 impact test specifications for vehicle security barrier
systems and IWA 14-1:2013 – Vehicle security barriers – Part 1: Performance requirement, vehicle impact test method and
performance rating.

J355 HA M50 can stop a 7500Kg truck running at a speed of about 80km/hour (50Mph)

The bollard can be used for a variety of applications, such as value protection and to allow access to a sensitive area as

• Embassies,
• Consulates
• Public offices
• Banks etc.

• The bollard has an all in one concept, a built-in hydraulic drive unit
• Emergency fast operation circuit (EFO)- option-for rapid movement
• Upraised position kept by hydraulic locking, even in case of power failure
• No pipes with oil under pressure underground ducts to avoid leakages or failure risks
• Built-in LED lights
• Stainless steel internal fixing frame
• Hydraulic unit rated IP67

Fixed bollard option
Excavation dimensions are:
4.000 x 2.300 x 350mm
Total weight is 680kg