Turnstars and boom gates

Access barriers and Automatic boom gates

Avs for your access barriers. For heavy duty manual boom gates, automatic boom gates and turnstars, do not hesitate to contact us.

Traffic access barriers

Access barriers

access barriers

We install reliable security systems. We have access barriers, turnstiles, pedestrian gates and and half turnstiles. When u think of car parking/traffic control equipment, think of AVS Security Systems.

A popular choice which is quick to install, simple to operate.

High quality steel is used when manufacturing these access barriers. The intelligent electronic system makes smooth and consistent operation in the most demanding parking environments. For high security  for underground and surface area,  staff and visitor car parks

Manned security point or a vehicle occupant can operate the boom gates . Wide range of access control systems including proximity cards and bio-metric can be connected to our boom gates.

Manual boom gates

Manual boom gate can mounted can used on entrance which is manned by a security guard. No electricity is needed. Minimum human force is required to open these boom gates.

manual boom gates

Heavy duty manual boom

Security guards open these boomgates by applying a minimal force. There are suitable for place where there is a lot of traffic.

access barriers

Automatic BoomGates

For places with high volume of traffic, automatic boomgates is the correct way to go. Manual boom gates are ideal for places with high volume traffic. They come with 24v battery back up system. No need to worry if there is power cuts.  Ground spike can be used to damage tires if unauthorized vehicle tries to drive though.

automatic boom gates

Automatic boom gate and spikes

access barriers


Full turnstars are ideal for controlling entry and exit of people. Bio-metric readers or card readers works well on these turnstars. Either outdoor or indoor purpose, our full height turnstiles are ideal for both environment. They can be operated using a card or biometric access system.


Full Height turnstar

access barriers

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