Steel Gates and Burglar proofing

Steel gates, Security gates and burglar proofing

One of the biggest investments you will make is your home. The best investment you can make is protecting your home and your family. AVS Security’s physical home security products – security gates, burglar proofing, steel driveway gates – and electronic security products work together as an integrated security solution which keeps your family safe. We have over a decade of experience at management level of security systems industry. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always here to help.

Steel Driveway gates

We manufacture gates as per customer`s desired design. You can choose a design from our catalogue or bring your own design to us.

Drive way gate

Sliding gate

Sliding gate

Design 2

Steel driveway gates

Wrought Iron Gate

Steel gate

Sliding gate

Heavy duty gate

Heavy Duty

Sliding gate

Heavy duty horizontal bars

Steel gate

Plane open gate

Closed sliding gate

Fully closed gate

Heavy duty sliding gate

Heavy duty sliding gate

Heavy duty sliding gate

Heavy duty sliding gate

Full Closed panel

Fully closed panels and tubes

Punched Plate gate

Punched Plate gate

Industrial gate

Industrial heavy duty gate

heavy duty gate

sliding gate

Semi cladded gate

Swing Gate

Clear view fence gate

Clear view fence gate

automated swing gate

Swing gate



Burglar Bars/ Burglar proofing and security  doors

AVS has been manufacturing burglar bars since 2005 and are a recommended security barrier to secure your home or business. Below is our product range. You can chose a design or bring your own design.

Burglar bars

Outside burglar screens

Window Screens

Burglar screens

burglar proofing

Internal Burglar bars

burglar bars

Burglar bars

Burglar proof

Tube burglar proofing

internal burglar proofing

Internal burglar proofing


Constructed from 10mm or 12mm vertical uprights and cross members with decorative accessory on request
Patented “boot” allows flexibility in the burglar guard in case of attempted
Fixed with tamper-proof fasteners on all 4 sides
Available in a wide range of UV resistant coulors
Recommended security barrier to secure your home or business

Security gates

Make your home more secure with solid security gates and burglar proofing from AVS Security. Add an extra layer of security with a robust gate that is professionally installed and maintained. Contact our professional team in Johannesburg for first-class service and workmanship.

Solid door screen

Door screen

Security door

Double security door

Burglar door

Combined door screen

Also check our Gate automation

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