Garden Beams/ Security beams/ Alarm Beams/

Outdoor Garden Beams

Garden beams and reliable intruder alarm are fundamental to security. For house burglar alarms, motion sensors garden beams, internal detectors, gsm based alarms, Paradox systems, DSC alarms, Cadex alarm, Ids, Risco alarm, Texecom alarms. Perimeter alarms, Garden beams, wireless alarm garden beams, wireless outdoor sensors

AVS Security provides a range of intruder alarms for commercial and industrial premises. With proven Wired and Wireless technology, you can rest assured that your building is protected around the clock withe our garden beams.

Each alarm system is customized to the site with an array of sensors and reed switches that show when any doors, windows or garden beams have been forced. Keypad, remote control and smart phone applications will make your system easy to manage and monitor by key holders

Garden Beams

indoor passive beams

Garden Beams      Garden Beams

Outdoor Beams

2. Outdoor Pir

a) 90° and 180° Out door Motion detectors

These are weather proof outdoor pet-immune motion sensors designed to give an early warning before an intruder get to your door steps. They cover  between 12m and 24m . They come as wired or wireless.

Garden Beams

Garden Beams VX40

Garden Beams

Perimeter beams

Tel 011-4313290

Mobile 0727887770

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