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Complex intercom

For your wireless GSM Complex intercom system, Video intercom systems, Automatic Gates, Garage Doors, CCTV Cameras, Burglar Alarm system, Electric fence, Boom Gates, Access control, Fire alarm, Medical nurse call system

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Our intercom system models have long outgrown the image of the single-line, single-button door buzzer panel rather a wide range of communication and building management system.

Bringing together everything from audio and video communication to building security, access control, parking and facility maintenance. Behind this versatility lies a powerful technical architecture that serves and co-ordinates the three key functionalities of modernIntercom applications: – Reliable point-to-point audio/video communication connections – Building management and control functionalities – Back-office management and system administration Market requirements on contemporary intercom systems are as varied as the environments in which they are used.

AVS Intercom Systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of different system topologies and installation sizes. This is made possible by an essentially modular system structure on virtually every level.

Intercom components, communication channels and network links can be arranged into various layouts (typologies), depending on the overall scope and individual requirements (e.g., performance, need to integrate existing equipment, etc.).

Audio Intercoms

These are ideal for small for single user to multi users also with internal communication

The MKII offers you all the features of the G2 and the following features are added to make this system more secure and reliable than any other in its class.

MKII Features

  • First in the world to have an embedded SIM chip in an intercom Sim card theft solution, the MKIII does not need a SIM card to run.
  • Built in operation of anti tamper hardware.
  • Improved speed, performance, reliability and design
  • Use less than 1W of power (That’s less than R10 per year in electricity fees).
  • Resident’s telephone numbers can be changed over the Internet
  • Remote control integration and management
  • Pin code entry
  • Bulk SMS to complex residential units
  • Bulk e-mail to complex residential units
  • Able to open multiple gates
  • Allows for visitor departure control (Free exit facility)                                   images 11
  • Comes standard with battery backup
  • Ability to communicate with the guard
  • Low running cost
  • Little to no maintenance cost
  • Individual unit reporting – phone bill and gate openings
  • Both successful and attempted gate openings are reported
  • Unlimited access control of residents via Nova remotes and pin code entry system
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor environment weatherproof enclosed and UV resistant
  • Time based access control