impro access control system

Impro access control system

Impro access control system and Time attendence

When you think of a very reliable and stable system, consider impro access control system. Impro Technologies became one of the first companies in the world to adopt RFID and quickly became pioneers in the technology. This resulted in the business developing innovative new products that revolutionized the access control industry, and achieved tremendous growth for the group

Impro access control system readers

Impro offers a diverse array of access control readers, to meet a variety of installation requirements. We offer interior and exterior readers, one of the smallest reader footprints, to traditional junction box mountings.
Most readers are available as multi-discipline versions, ensuring that legacy 125kHz proximity tags and the new 13.56MHz ranges are able to be read.
You can also choose between fingerprint biometric readers, keypads and non-keypad variants.
• Multi-discipline readers (MDR/MDK)
• Multi-discipline junction box readers (MJR/MJK)
• Antenna readers
• LCD biometric time & attendance readers (MDTA/BMTA)
• Multi-discipline tag retention readers (DBv)

Access Portal – readers comparison

Impro time attendance card reader

Impro time attendance card reader

Impro time and attendance card reader



Multi-discipline time and attendance reader (MDTA) RS485 only





Impro time and attendance biometric reader

The Biometric, Multi-discipline Time Attendance Reader (BMTA) is a compact biometric solution supporting advanced messaging and a multitude of Tag types on IXP220 and IXP400i Systems. In addition to reading fingerprints, new technology allows the BMTA to read both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequency Tags. These Readers therefore fit seamlessly into new or existing applications allowing you to upgrade tag technology without replacing existing Tags. The BMTA features both a 65 K Colour Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) and a 12-button Keypad allowing PIN-code entry and support for time attendance applications. The BMTA also includes a 4-level, single tone Buzzer. You can control the functions of the Buzzer to suit the needs of your application.
Engineered for Time and attendance as well as Access Control applications, the BMTA combines Multi-discipline Passive RFID Tag Reading, Fingerprint Recognition and PIN Code Entry into one compact and versatile solution.

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