Smoke detectors and fire alarm system

Smoke detectors and fire alarm

Smoke detectors provide “peace-of-mind” automatic monitoring for early warning to minimise liabilities and losses associated with fire. Prevention of property damage, loss of production, financial loss and most important, loss of lives. Our system works on a addressable detectors, heat detectors, conventional smoke detectors and conventional heat detectors

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

Smoke detectors save thousands of lives each year. In fact,it is recommended that every home have one smoke detector per floor. They pick smoke using optical technology and send signal to a connected control panel.

Smoke detectors

Smoke sencers

Set to alarm when ambient temperatures reach a fixed point, typically indicating a fire. Fixed-temperature heat detectors are a highly cost-effective solution for many property protection applications. If rapid response to fire is vital, rate-of-rise heat detectors are an ideal solution where rapid temperature increases would only be caused by a fire emergency. Combination heat detectors provide both fixed and rate-of-rise detection. This enables the heat detector to communicate an alarm to the central control panel prior to reaching its fixed set point for high rates of rise, providing a timely response to both rapid and slow temperature increases.

Fire Detection